Counseling a human system of one, two or many

Achieving wellness through individual, marriage, and family therapy.

A human system of one Coaching

Achieving wellness by awakening the Trans-cultural Leader within.

Consulting a human system of a few or many

Achieving wellness by unlocking processes essential for organizational success.


Welcome to The wellness collaborative

This is an introduction video by Dr. Jonathan E. Smith

about the wellness collaborative

The Wellness Collaborative helps people in both secular and faith based organizations, couples and families move towards purposeful cooperative action: moving the many to one in purpose and mission by providing leadership and wellness for all human activity systems.

Skill Set Includes

I am equally skilled in the following areas.

  • Personal Counseling 100%

  • Family Counseling 100%

  • Coaching 100%

  • Consulting 100%

Which Services Do I Choose?

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Services Utilized by Clients

This represent the type of service and percentages of services utilized by my clients.

  • Personal Counseling 20%

  • Family Counseling 20%

  • Coaching 15%

  • Consulting 45%

This is How You get in touch with me



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Consultation by Appointment Only

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