The Top 10 Questions I'm Asked by Perspective Clients

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1.       What is an Organizational Psychologist? 

One who studies human behavior in any human activity system and applies psychological theories and principles. Such a person contributes to any organization's success by improving the performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of its employees by conducting research on employee behaviors and attitudes, and how these can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, feedback, and management systems.

2.       What type of leader does Dr. Smith seek to develop? 

A transcultural leader,  one who has positive influence over several different groups of people operating within the same organization or community and who utilizes his or her understanding of culture to create an inclusive environment conducive to transcending the manmade boundaries of culture and facilitating purposeful cooperative action.

3.       How can Dr. Smith help my organization? 

Jonathan creates and facilitates sessions in planning, team building, leadership development (He focuses on the mind, heart, and spirit of the leader), cultural change issues, sensitivity training, dialogic process, and employee morale.

4.        How does he move the many to one? 

He provides custom-designed consulting services in organizational effectiveness, transformative change, and the creation of learning organizations by focusing on the “3-P’s” of management (people, planet, and profit) grounded in the “3-S’s” success (systems, strategies, and sustainability).

5.       What is Dr. Smith’s ultimate goal for families, churches and other organizations? 

To lead them to Purposeful cooperative action; which is defined as the deliberate movement toward a common goal and shared vision by people or groups of different races, genders, professions, and/or disciplines.

6.       Is Dr. Smith a Therapist too?

Yes, Dr. Smith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and provides individual, couple, and family therapy.

7.       Can Dr. Smith provide pastoral counseling?

Most definitely, Jonathan is an ordained minister and holds a degree in pastoral studies.

8.       Is Dr. Smith willing to perform any other Ministerial duties?

Yes, Dr. Smith will provide 6-8 sessions of pre-marital counseling and is able to officiate the wedding. Jonathan is also available for church speaking engagements.

9.       What is the location of The Wellness Collaborative?

TWC is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. However, Dr. Smith is willing to travel.

10.   What is The Wellness Collaborative’s goal?

TWC’s goal is to help people connect with GOD and others in their relationships at home and work through counseling, consulting and coaching.

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If Your question did not make the Top 10 Lists....send an email here.  I will usually respond within 48 business hours.