The Process to collaborative wellness

look outside yourself

Changing your focus from a myopically small view of your world to “Something” larger.

look within yourself

Focusing inwardly and determining where you came from, why you are here and where you are going.

Look to others

Willingly connect to others with the desire to “know” them so you can grow together.

look forward

Collaboratively utilizing each other’s strengths and moving forward with purpose.

"look outside Yourself"

Life can seem to have you going in circles and it may appear that things are spinning around you so fast that true focus is impossible. Dancers spin (pirouette) on purpose, but it’s not that easy. If they don’t have the proper technique they get dizzy and may even fall. The proper way for a dancer to pirouette is for the dancer to focus on a point “outside of themselves”…they call it spotting. If they focus on a point “outside of themselves” they can perform a beautiful work of art! We can learn a lot from spotting when we seem to be twirling uncontrollably in life. We must focus outside of ourselves to someone larger than ourselves.  We have to change our focus from the seemingly terrifying situation to someone that can steady us through the situation…we have to SPOT.



assess the situation

What's going on?  Why are we here?  What needs to be done?  What is there to be learned?

proclaim the desired outcome

What needs to happen to move forward?Where do we need to end up?

look  outside yourself

Look to Something greater than yourself.

keep turning (it becomes beautiful)

Don't rush to end the process...embrace it and the outcome will be beautiful!


Counseling: (A human system of one, two or many)

Dr. J.E. Smith approaches counseling from a person centered approach, whereas he purposely creates an environment of acceptance and warmth conducive for helping the client develop insight into the blocks that may be hindering his/her life connections. His personable approach to the therapeutic process helps move individuals, couples, and families towards wellness.

Coaching: (A human system of one)
Dr. J.E. Smith understands that each leader is unique. Dr. Smith’s aim is to help the leader lead by utilizing a transcultural perspective.  Leading with a transcultural perspective is having knowledge of his/her origin and developing an understanding as to how one’s organizational and cultural origins determine one’s leadership encounters.  Dr. Smith helps the transcultural leader to lead above the natural barriers of organizational culture while maintaining the uniqueness of each organizational subculture.   
Consulting: (A human system of a few or many)

Dr. J.E. Smith sees the world through systems lenses, whereas he believes everything is connected and everything affects everything. Organizations grow stronger when the many parts work together towards a common goal. Dr. Smith utilizes a dialogic process that encourages relationship building which facilitates smooth decision making among leaders, open communication and strong team building. Dr. Smith encourages Organizational growth by employing a system intended to develop the transcultural leader…one who can lead above the natural barriers of organizational culture while maintaining the uniqueness of each organizational subculture.