dr. jonathan e. smith

Dr. Jonathan E. Smith has a wide range of administrative/management experiences beginning with serving as a United States Marine. He’s led others as a supervisor, director, and President and CEO of The Wellness Collaborative. Dr. J.E. Smith honed his skills by providing over a decade of individual, couple, and family counseling and working several years in the crisis intervention and crisis stabilization field in the States of California and Virginia. He is an Organizational Psychologist with the ability to address cutting edge issues in management, education and training, business and organizational development, and systems design impacting health care, community services and public administration.  Dr. J.E. Smith’s experience and knowledge equips him to share with others as a marriage and family therapist, minister, coach, consultant and author, and allows him to facilitate positive change in people's lives.   It is Dr. J.E. Smith’s life's purpose to help people maximize their relationship with God and each other at home, church and the workplace. As a helper of people, Dr. Smith understands that we, human beings, express our greatest potential when we discover and remove the obstacles that hinder our capabilities.  He further understands that we, as human beings, are capable of experiencing our fullest potential, but block the full manifestation of the experiences through our succumbing to our inclinations to separate from those different from us.  Jonathan has been married to his beautiful wife, Katara for 26 years and has four children. The Smith family lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia where his wife is a middle school teacher and Jonathan pursues his life purpose serving as a licensed marriage and family therapist, consultant, coach and ordained minister. 

Services Utilized by Clients

This represents the type of service and percentages of services utilized by my clients.

  • Personal Counseling 20%

  • Family Counseling 20%

  • Coaching 15%

  • Consulting 45%

Contact Me

 301 Riverview Ave.
Suite 501
Norfolk, VA 23510-1066
 (757) 412-7753

my philosophy

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”Proverbs 29:18a (KJV)
“In business, much of a company’s success depends on a strong team and diligent planning. Dr. Jonathan Smith brings a thoughtful and experienced approach to leadership development and the strategic planning process.”  James Smith, CEO of Smith Research Corporation
“Dr. Jonathan Smith is a realistic visionary that brings the planning process to new heights. His expertise and facilitative skills help people think in ways they haven't thought possible before."Terry Pride, President/CEO Safety First Fire Protection
“Trans-cultural leadership is a way of being rather than a strategy. To develop a trans-cultural mindset, one has to be dedicated to being ever curious and willing, as Buber (1970) proposed to “turn toward the other” and embrace relationships of care that support continuous learning and development.”Dr. Jonathan E. Smith, Author
“The phrase “Purposeful Cooperative Action (PCA)” denotes hard work, for surely to be purposeful requires deliberateness and intense focus of energy while resisting the increasing urge to succumb to the mental and physical fatigue brought on by the process of deciding to authentically address the issues at hand.”Dr. Jonathan E. Smith, Author